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Legacy KOTLC: Out in the World

The day we've been waiting for has finally arrived: the release of Legacy- Keeper of the Lost Cities. For an agonizing year, we have been waiting in despair for this much-awaited eighth book of the KOTLC series. Now, it's actually here. A lot have you have probably settled in a good place on your bed to stay for the next few days as you finish the book, but for those who have got to wait a few weeks like I do, this article is for you. I'm going to theorize Legacy EVEN MORE, looking into each and every meticulous detail that I possibly can. Again, I'm not that good at theories unless they are plain in sight. I'll try my hardest to make them good, though!

Firstly, the rejected titles. How could they have played a role to the book? The first title is Inception. Obviously, this has something to do with Sophie's genetics, maybe even her biological parents. Considering the end of Flashback, as well as the first chapter of Legacy, I have …

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